Model: Easy Golf

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"I think the big problem with golf has been time, and now we're back hopefully to where we can really speed up and play a lot more golf in a lot shorter time."

- Helen Alfredsson, PGA Professional.

- [Speed up your round] Have you ever decided to skip a round because it simply takes too long? We all dislike slow play, and J Niclause was right to say Golf needs to speed up. Our unique golf cart brings the game back up to speed and help us achieve what makes us better players, more play. It’s fun, social and easy to drive. It’s testing has shown an average of 25% faster round while using our two golf carts compared to ordinary two-seater golf cart.
- [Protect the course] Through dedication and hard work, it outclasses its competition. At only 3.2 PSI, our golf cart achieves this through larger wheels, less weight and a patent-pending anti-spin suspension system.
- [Versatile, agile and fun to drive] From inside out, it has re-imagined what scooters and utility vehicles should look and feel like. This amazing golf vehicle has been developed to hold anything you desire through modular components such as coolers, green keeper utility box and storage attachments.
- [Feel safety at the wheel] Safety is a key priority. In addition to a parking brake system, it has fitted an engine brake for downhill speed control. ‘Geo-fencing’ is built in protecting you from off-limit areas such as greens, water and danger zones, as well as gyroscope to stabilize the vehicle from tipping. It will automatically slow down if you don’t apply power to the throttle.
- [Multi-purpose vehicle] In addition to being a perfect golf cart, it can serve you as a beverage cart, range-picker, or as a multi-purpose vehicle. It does all this with the right accessories attached.