Model: X Golf

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The next generation electric golf vehicle. The Ellwee X Golf is a perfect, new way to get around the golf course. You will find the Ellwee to be fun, time-saving, and safe as you make your way back out to the course. The Ellwee X Golf is just like the Model: X, but it has an additional rack attached to the front designed to carry your golf clubs around the course, so you don't have to!
Rear swing design with double pivot axles damped in all directions. Gives the customer a highly stable vehicle. The pivot axles allows the vehicle to rotate in direction of travel and by doing so ensure that all 4 wheels are in contact with the ground even at severe road conditions.
Multi fixations ELL-Connect™ and Wee-Connect™. Specially designed fixations in front and rear to enable multiple fixation solutions allowing our customer to transform his/her vehicle from hard working transportation vehicle to a smooth relaxing leisure vehicle.
EPB, Electrical park brake Switch controlled electrical park brake on both rear wheels bringing a luxury feeling and a secure and smooth parking functionality.